Testimonials for Sport Clips Haircuts of Kingwood Northpark

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 628 Client reviews

Craig V. | December 28, 2020

"Professional Great atmosphere - the associates immediately make you feel like you’ve been coming to see them forever. They listen and ask questions about the hairstyle your going for. "

John C. | December 27, 2020

"Very friendly stylists and consistent results"

George K. | December 25, 2020

"Well first of all, your prices are not that competitive for the type of high volume chain store set up that it utilizes. But! That is overlooked because of the awesome people that you employ. Now, I have utilized at least a dozen different locations and three of them for a longer period of time. But the ONE location that I direct this survey to solely is your store #111 in Kingwood, TX. There are two other stores in my vicinity and every competitor you would recognize, yet these ladies continue to go above and beyond to serve their customers. They are literally awesome. Hands down. Now, about me, because I want to first clarify that, and then, tell you why I think my background is important here. I am a 61 year old man, cancer endurer, business owner, father of five, divorced for many years, I travel abroad, and I can afford a haircut from anyone I choose, and have before. I have experienced that spa treatment. The free beer and wine. And yes, the top less hair dressers in Austin, TX. But in my years of working in the automotive business, I have learned to spot sincerity, talent, and personality. And these employees of yours here, have it all. They care. Essie, cuts my hair when I leave it long. Christie cuts my hair when I want it very short. Brittany, as yesterday, steps in to pretty much make every rush appointment, bad hair repair, or just to smile, and they all work together. Now mind you, they're women. Yes they fuss. And yes, I have had problems in the past. And every time I have, they have been addressed immediately. I am moving 3 hours north to split my business in January but will be continuing to have my hair cut here. So why this long letter? Because I sincerely feel that these women deserve special recognition. I will step up and say that they deserve a bonus for creating and building a business for you. And I will add to their bonus if that helps to make it happen. I will contribute $20 to every store #111 employee OR $100 to the three employees i mentioned Essie, Christie, and Courtney. It may be Britney instead of Courtney but I will include both before I miss one. Match my amounts to make this as effective as it should be. This is not my first time to complete a survey. It is the first time in my life to do anything like this. But God directs everything I do now and this has already been blessed by him. Thank you for reading, George Keng"

John H. | December 24, 2020

"Very friendly and professional staff. They take the time to do a good job and act like each customer is important. "

john T. | December 23, 2020

"Very friendly staff and clean inviting environment "

Luke K. | December 20, 2020

"Jeni and the SportClips team make the mundane activity of getting a haircut something to look forward to. The customer service is unparalleled and their MVP treatment is absolutely top-notch. I will never stop getting my haircuts here."

Casey K. | December 19, 2020

"MVP Luxury Massager Jeni does an awesome job with my hair cut service. Thank you!"

kendrick b. | December 7, 2020

"Friendly stylist and make everyone feel comfortable. Great job on the cut as well. "

Brian D. | October 11, 2020

"Jeni does a great job always!"

John J. | October 11, 2020

"The Kingwood store is simply run very efficiently. One stylist there is particularly amazing and that is Jasmine. She takes such time and effort and does a wonderful job. She is professional and courteous while at the same time friendly and gentle. She is the reason I continue to return. "